We are very open about our professional fees. All patients are given a fully itemised estimate before undertaking a specific course of treatment.
West Park Dental Care can accept all methods of payment including cash, cheques and credit cards.

For those patients who like to budget their dental care, we offer the Denplan scheme. For details of this scheme click on this link www.denplan.co.uk

Please feel free to discuss this if you choose with your dentist. Receipts are given to submit to other schemes such as The Leeds Hospital Fund and Simply Health.

Treatment Prices March 2020

(Please note these prices may change at short notice due to product costs)
New Patient consultation including all necessary x-rays £96.00
Routine examination 10 minute
Routine examniation 15 minute
Children's examination £21.00
Extended Consultation
Small x-ray (each) £9.50
Large x-ray, scan of upper and lower jaw £45.00
Exam (10 min.) with dentist and 30 min visit with hygienist (at same visit) £83.00
Exam and scale with Dentist same visit £65.90
Hygienist visit (scaling) per 30 minute visit £62.00
Fissure sealing (per tooth) £18.00
Mouthguard Single Colour £65.00
BRA £65.00
Multicoloured £70.00 plus extra lab fee
Tanner £295.00
Occlusal Equilibriation £390.00
Antisnoring device £450.00
Fixed Retention £150.00
Essix Retainer £90.00
Duraphat Fluoride Application £5.00
Periochip £25.00
Sensitivity Treatment £10.00
Study Models £45.00
Amalgam        Small   e.g. Occlusal from £55.00
                       Medium e.g. MOD from £95.00
                       Large e.g. Pinned Core from £110.00
Tooth Coloured (Composite)
Molar teeth (Composite)
                        Small/Medium from £110.00
                        Large from £140.00
Front teeth (Composite)
                        Small from £60.00
                        Medium from £110.00
                        Large from £125.00
                        Temporary filling £45.00
Crowns and Bridges
Cast post and core from £65.00
Post and core build up in mouth from £150.00
Gold Crown £600.00
Porcelain bonded to precious metal £520.00
Porcelain bonded to gold £520.00
Porcelain veneer £550.00
Zenith Crown £495.00
Zirconia Crown £495.00
Bridge (porcelain bonded to precious metal) per unit £495.00
Maryland bridge (per tooth replaced) £550.00
Lab made temporary bridge (per unit) from  £150.00
Single Implant retained crown £1100.00
Recement bridge £60.00
Recement crown £50.00
Root Canal Therapy
Incisor or canine (single root) from £280.00
Premolar from £335.00
Molar (multiple roots) from £400.00
Planned extraction from £95.00
Apicectomy £250.00
Infected or dry socket £25.00
Surgical Extraction (Time basis) £195.00
Antibiotics - Amoxicillin or Erythromycin £7.50
Metronidazole £16.00
Tooth Whitening
Home Kit One Arch £175.00
                Both Arches £300.00
Including first visit boost £325.00
BPE full upper and lower denture from £1100.00
Full upper and lower (acrylic) from £550.00 per jaw
Full upper OR lower (acrylic) from £550.00
Partial acrylic depending on the number of teeth from £350.00
Partial chrome from £695.00
Flexidenture from £695.00
Additions to an existing denture £95.00
Denture reline £150.00
Denture repair £75.00
Single Tooth implant and crown from £2025.00
Single Implant retained crown £1100.00
Mini implant from £400.00
Inman Aligner from £1600.00
Anti Snoring Device £450.00
Fixed Retention £150.00
Silensor £320.00
Taptee £450.00
Emergency Call Out
Emergency call out £180.00 (Denplan Excess is £20.00)
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