By providing private dental care, we are able to provide the highest standard of care and service. All dentists accept referrals from local practitioners for root canal therapy and oral surgery. We have a network of local orthodontists to whom we can refer.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a full range of options, including crowns, bridges, tooth coloured fillings and tooth whitening. There are many different dental materials on the market and it is our policy to use the very best for our patients.
Modern developments in techniques and dental materials provide many more options than previously available. Cosmetic dentistry is more reliable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than ever before. You may want to simply replace any unsightly sliver fillings or radically improve your smile. West Park Dental Care can provide help and advise, whatever your cosmetic needs.
Partial dentures may be replaced with a bridge system, therefore leaving one free to enjoy the simple pleasures of life without having to worry about “Can I eat this?”, “Will it stay in place?” or “I have food trapped under it”.
Tooth whitening is becoming very popular and is a simple procedure to have done. It may be the ideal solution for a bright wedding day smile or a graduation gleam!

Dental Implants

With dental implants you can have your own teeth again and the smile you’ve always wanted. Implants replace missing teeth roots and form a stable foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or even to retain a full denture in a stable position. For more information please use the following link.

Routine Dentistry

Encompassing fillings, extractions, scaling and polishing , root canal treatments and dentures.

Preventative Dentistry

Our dentists and hygienists are not only trained to provide advice but also to provide the best periodontal treatments to alleviate gum disease and promote fresh breath. Many of our patients like to see the hygienist every three months, to be completely satisfied that they are doing the best to look after the health and welfare of their mouth.
After all it is one of our most important features and gets used very regularly!

Fissure sealant – to help prevent tooth decay

Mouthguards - to protect teeth from sporting accidents

Bruxism (grinding) and clenching teeth.

For those people who experience headaches, neck and jaw muscle aches, this may be caused by the clenching of your teeth.
By making a custom made mouthguard these symptoms could be alleviated and your teeth protected from further damage.

Anti-snoring Device

Snoring is a common cause of complaint, leading sufferers, and their partners to experience poor sleep patterns and tiredness.
Snoring is usually caused by the soft palate vibrating against the upper airway when the jaw relaxes and postured backward during sleep. By fitting an anti-snoring device to help posture the jaw comfortably forward, the soft palate should stay clear of the upper airway thus eliminating the snoring.
No more sleeping in the spare bedroom! 

Comprehensive Exam and Cancer Screening

Exam, oral cancer screening and treatment plans are done as a routine with our regular check ups. The mouth can show signs of many impending illnesses long before symptoms start. This can give us an early warning sign and help us take the correct medical pathway for you.
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